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Far Away Swap implements capital efficent market making models and aggregates liquidity, giving you better prices than on another exchanges.

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Project history


Beginning of the project


Ranking 7th at the NEAR x Encode Club hackathon with our working prototype


Releasing our Discord server, growing a community of more than 2.5k people from all continents in a few weeks


Releasing our first whitelisted testnet


[Q2 -> Q4 2022]

Improve and finalize smart contracts, research and optimization

[Q3 2022]

Deploy beta on mainnet, audit code

[Q1 2023]

Final deployment on NEAR mainnet

[2023 and after]

Continuously improving and adding new features

Our vision

We believe in building a better Decentralized Exchange (DEX) platform for everyone, without compromises. So we decided to build Far Away Swap on the NEAR blockchain, giving us the best foundation possible.


Thanks to NEAR’s extremely low gas fees, our system remains operational at the lowest price. Enabling us to offer a low fee DEX platform to our users.


Thanks to our in-house predicted combined swap algorithm, we can offer lower than usual exchange prices to our users. It leverages the power of both liquidity pools and market orders with efficient predictive routing for better profitability.

Low footprint

We believe that using the blockchain should not be a compromise over sustainability. That's also why we choose NEAR. Which, being one of the few carbon neutral protocols, allows us to be amongst the most environment friendly DEX platforms out there.

For the community

Our most important goal is to remove pain points when using DEX platforms, which means striving for the best user experience possible. Therefore we are working hard to implement the community's requested features.

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